Group Sessions


Come into the studio and give yourself the gift of creative time. 


Materials and supplies are available for you.  You may also bring your own.


You may also schedule a time that fits with your schedule by emailing Margaret to arrange. 

$15.00/session includes supplies.  


Let's use our creativity and write!  We will send out encouragement, compassion and care to others who are struggling!  Using a variety of websites to vet recipients, we will create cards and messages of hope and healing. 

We will start with a time to discuss and contemplate what each person is going through, what it brings up for us and what we hope for them.  Then we will have a moment of silence to listen inward before we write or create our cards.  We will have a time to share our cards/letters as we choose.  

Margaret Greene, facilitator


9:30  - 11:30 

All materials provided.

Email Margaret so she can make a place for you!


Feed your creative soul with your special people!  Host your friends or group at The Center Art Studio.  Margaret can support you in creating the perfect project for your gathering to celebrate, remember or gift.

Contact me to explore the possibilities!


Our dreams provide us with images, symbols and messages from our unconscious selves.  Unfolding the meaning of a dream into conscious understanding provides a rich source of inner guidance, self-understanding and healing.  


This soul-centered and educational group is designed for men and women who know there is richness in their nightly dreams.  In the safe container of a small group, we will explore the gifts of the unconscious through reading, discussion and the creative process.  Using art, movement and voice we will bring to consciousness the messages we receive from the Dream Weaver.


Participants will be asked to keep a dream journal and bring a copy of The Art of Dreaming by Jill Mellick.

Co-facilitated by Caryn Aman, MA and Margaret Greene, MS.

New Group is ripening, start date and timing will be determined when ready.

Cost is $50.00/Session

Email Margaret at to be added to the waiting list.  

Located at

The Center for Spiritual Wellbeing

7100 SW Hampton St  

Suite 126 

Portland, Oregon 97223




Email Margaret to schedule a free 20 minute phone call to talk about working together.


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