Dancing with Light

Under the blanket of night

and the starry milky way

I had a dream ... or the dream had me.

Sent from that unseen terrain of soul

to this small consciousness it visited.

A gift...an understanding...a guidance

held in the synaptic ethers of awareness

Image caught in a cellular array.

My heart umbilically connected to the center of the galaxy 

by a thick, braided rope of light. 

And, I, in all my small unknowing

pulling and tugging in resistance -

a yanking of heartstrings.

A poor tethered waif struggling to and fro

moving from despair to relief,

love to loss, satisfaction to longing.

Stiffly stepping, jerking, falling

trying with minuscule might

to defy the broad band of light.

Until, with one soft step,

a current of remembrance,

a lilting lift of movement

a spin, a dip

another soft step forward


Struggle transformed to dance

for a moment

and then again.


Awkwardly learning the rhythm

feeling the beat

attending to the subtle cues

allowing the light to lead.

Dancing - dancing - dancing

under the blanket of night

and the starry milky way.

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