Examined or Imagined?

Photography by Margaret Greene
Ancient History

I have been pondering life and living.  With questions stacking one upon the other. The answering just pauses in the chain of unknowns.  This is just one thread and one pause....

"What of an unexamined life?" I thought.  It is still lived.  Maybe even with more ease and lightness than a life put under the maginifying lens or microscope.  

Will there still be meaning and purpose, or is it a life of cobbled together reactions depending upon circumstance and happenstance?  It certainly looks easier from inside the petri dish of the examined condition.

And what of other cultural views of life? In India, for example, the caste system determines circumstance and experience to such a large degree that even if one wanted an examined life it might be the view of the petri dish and little else.

Could it be that it isn't about examining as much as it is mindful presence?  Could it be that in the grounded centered state of being the mystery is revealed and the fullness of existence is available to experience?  If that is the case, all the cultural understandings accumulated over human history might all find common ground, sourced from the same mysterious wisdom.  A wisdom held in the very DNA, perhaps deeper yet, in the very nutrients and minerals of the earth.

Could it be that we eat and drink our knowing? That we inherit eons of conscious awareness in the knitting of our bodies within the mother womb?  If that is possible, then this life is truly not a singular existence but one lived in conjunction with all that has gone before and will come after - the caravan journey as the Sufi's describe it.

So much paradox in this life.  There is the one and the all, the stillness and the movement, the consciousness and the dust.  

Could it be that we see through the lens darkly only glimmers of the full cosmic glory?  Could it be that each precious life is a part of the mandala dance of a sublime creativity?

If it can be imagined, then it can be possible.  

So, I will imagine a matrix of love singing out the harmony of life in an infinite variety of expression so powerful that each note sounds forever.

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