Margaret Greene JourneyWay

Margaret Greene, MS, LPC

 I invite you to take the next step on your journey with me.  With well practiced skills in depth counseling, spiritual direction, Jungian 

dreamwork, BodySoul Expressions and creative process, I will walk with you as you stretch the edges of your comfort zone, clear the overgrown path and celebrate the discovery and living of your soul-centered truth.

“Healing needs listening with the inner ear...” 
 Marion Woodman

Spiritual .... Creative .... Alive

  • cultivate joyful courage
  • build resilience
  • trust the process
  • gentle your self talk
  • free your creative voice
  • invite curiosity
  • access your body's wisdom
  • express your truth
  • heal old wounds
  • open to outcome
  • release the shoulds
  • shine your radiant light

"We are each born with a uniqueness that is our individuality.  If we exchange that uniqueness for a mask of any kind, we will not fully realize our purpose on this earth: it is within that part of ourselves where we are truly free."

Dianne Mize, artist

What others say...

"I so value our sessions and all that I learn and that we share.  Thank you for creating the space for us. You are so present and insightful, and I appreciated all your support."
Nancy L.
"I want to thank you again for your generosity of time and spirit in supporting me through this program. You helped me in so many ways, known and as yet unknown." 
Beth E.
"Creative, verwell prepared, devoted to spiritual practices, gentle, affirming, encouraging, acute listening, balanced in giving and receiving, generous, flexible, gifted, A+!"                              MaryAnn F. 

walk on your wild side . . .

~return to the land of your soul~

Beyond the well worn path of should, pleasing and expectation ...

Along the untrammeled path of originality, creativity and inspiration.

The sacred ground of your essential truth lies wild and ready to be discovered...

Where the holy waters flow and the inner fire waits to ignite, 

That which wants to live through you - as you - awaits!