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Matrignosis: A Blog About Inner Wisdom

Jean Raffa has followed her dream imagery and inner wisdom journey for the past 23 years.  

Her book "Healing the Sacred Divide" is amazing. The latest book, "The Soul's Twin" pushes the edges of the collective consciousness.

Oregon Friends of Jung

A wealth of information and learning about Jungian principles from renowned analysts from near and afar.

The Marion Woodman Foundation

Marion Woodman's life work centered on the rise of the conscious feminine both individually and globally.  Look for her books: Addiction to Perfection, The Pregnant Virgin, The Ravaged Bridegroom, and Bone.

Weave Silk

What a wonderfully fun site that lets you create beautiful artwork right on your computer.    Bomomo and Flame Painter will mesmerize you too.  Be careful, you can spend a lot of time here, especially if you get the app for your phone.

Non Violent Communication

Marshall Rosenberg's path to peace through compassionate communication is practiced and promoted here.  This website is full of information, resources and facilitators all over the world.  


Franciscan Spirituality Center

An ecumenical space to renew one's spirit, see with new eyes, learn, connect, find peace, quiet and rest.  Every person in this community serve spirit in deep and heartfelt ways and they provide loving welcome to all.

Urban Spirituality Center

Combining a mission of service and education, this organization runs retreats, ministry and training.

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