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Inside Out™ Art provides the opportunity to focus inward and reflect while having fun making art.  Each project comes with the instructions and materials and is suited to all levels of experience. 
Please register by emailing Margaret.  Class sizes are limited to 12 and will close when full.
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January 4th 

Intentions - not resolutions

    Mixed Media Vision Board Collage

As the year begins take some time to set your intentions for the year. By envisioning what you want, you move into it with more consciousness and determination.


This isn't the old worn out patterned way of creating resolutions to "better" ourselves. It is a way of inviting and intending good for ourselves in the year ahead.


By using color, image and words, we create our intention using mind, intuition and emotion capturing an expression that will continue to inform and unfold  throughout the year.

February 1st

Encouragement for the Journey

    Wisdom Scrolls

You have set your intentions for the year, now let's find some wisdom to guide the way.  Bring a poem, prayer, quote or a journal entry that contains words of wisdom for you.  


We will be creating wisdom scrolls to gently and beautifully guide us day by day as we live into the year.


Unfolding Your Light

            Lotus Lanterns 


Your Instinctual Knowing

            Totem Animal Art 


Unmasking Your Authenticity

            Self Portraits


Opening to Receive

            Altar Basket  


Wisdom for Your Way

            Expanding Book Marks 


Perspective & Course Correction

            2D Folded Photos


Notes to Self - Inner Wisdom

            Stick Books


Honoring the Ancestors

            Photo Traveling Altar 


Thanks Giving - honoring all of life

            Blessing Wheels 


Shining the Light of Contribution

            Pattern Lanterns 


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