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Inside OutArt

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In-person workshops are currently suspended.  Please sign up for the newsletter to be notified of future workshops.
Inside Out™ Art provides the opportunity to focus inward, reflect deeply and express yourself creatively.  
Each workshop has a theme to reflect upon, and a project that comes with instructions and materials suited to all levels of experience. 

Conscious Interconnection Collage (click here for free offering)
 -  a practice of healing the divisions in our world by healing them within ourselves

This project is based on the practice introduced  by Valarie Kaur in her book, See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love.  By looking at the faces of people different than ourselves and thinking, "sister, brother, aunt, grandfather, etc," we start to wonder who they are as a person within a set of familiar and common interconnections. Through this practice we begin to rewire our neural circuitry, changing the conditioning of separation in our brain from seeing "other" to seeing "someone like me" -  a part of me I do not know yet.  This is a powerful and transformative practice which moves us from separation into oneness; from opposition into communion.   
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