"There is a deep knowing that lives in our bones, our bellies and in the earth itself.  Like the wisdom of the gnostic goddess Sophia, this inner knowing is what lights the way even if distant and dimly at first." Tokopa Turner

I am an artist, a creative process facilitator, and a spiritual director with a strong orientation in Jungian thought and psychology.  I hold a master's degree in counseling psychology and have worked with children through the school system and in therapy groups.  I have also worked as a professional glass artist and teacher for over twenty years. In 2018 I completed my certification as a spiritual director and currently co-direct The Center for Spiritual Wellbeing. I accompany others on their soul's journey in individual sessions, creative process groups and workshops.  


One of the lessons I've learned through the creative process is how an expansion of creativity can lead to a parallel expansion in the capacity to live with more wholeness: an increased freedom of living from the wild soul.  When there is injury to the authentic expression, showing up in the studio is often an act of bravery.  As individuals begin to reclaim their creative confidence, they learn to trust that what is unique within them is worth expressing.  By witnessing this process I have come to hold a deep respect for the unique expression of each person as they voice the magnificence of their essential Self.  It is the foundation of the Art and Meditation process and my other creative process offerings.

It is a profound endeavor to live your life more authentically, following the spiritual truth of who you are.  Attending to the images and metaphors as they arise in art, journal and dreams, by spending contemplative time in nature and by sharing with trusted others we can walk our way out of constricting roles and survival identities to a more genuine and congruent living of the truth of our whole being. This is the route of the hero(ine)'s journey: your unique sacred spark of aliveness lived in your humanness as fully as possible.

It is my passion to share the journey with other travelers.  Offering presence, open heart, an intuitive listening and tender reflecting in service to the growth and freedom of another soul gives my own journey meaning and purpose.  Whether you are drawn to creative process groups, Inside Out™Art Projects, spiritual development workshops or one to one soul-tending sessions, I strive to hold a sacred, nonjudgemental container encouraging you to risk and explore your soul's truth on your way to exuberant, authentic living.

I am honored to travel the path of Authentic Wholeness with you.

Margaret Greene

Located at

The Center for Spiritual Wellbeing

7100 SW Hampton St  

Suite 126 

Portland, Oregon 97223





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