"“Healing needs listening with the inner ear - stopping the incessant blather - listening.” 
― Marion Woodman

Margaret Greene is an artist, depth-oriented counselor (Oregon LPC Intern), spiritual director and creative process facilitator. She holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and a certification in spiritual direction from The Franciscan Spirituality Center in Milwaukie, Oregon.  She has participated in the BodySoul Rhythms work of Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman and studied with Spiritual Creatives, Christine Valters Paintner and Betsy Beckman.

In Her Own Words...

So often life is about "trying" - to measure up, to fit in, to be okay and to help others be okay.  And there is "striving" - to prove worthy, to earn love and to be enough. We navigate between keeping pain at bay and honoring our inner truth. We are surviving when we long for some ease and love and the freedom to be ourselves.  

It often takes a crisis to bring us to a point of surrender - not to give up, but to give in and look for another way.  This is a threshold moment, where breaking down also breaks us open and allows for transformation and new possibilities.  Crossing this threshold begins the journey of individuation - the quest to find and live the wild, untamed truth of who we are.  

Once we are on the journey, seeking help gets more matter of fact.  We learn to read the signs that we are heading into a rough patch where we will be digging deeply to face and respond to what life is presenting.  Either way, finding the right person to accompany you on your healing journey is a crucial decision.


Since you are here, perhaps this is one of those moments for you. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, a feeling of meaninglessness, trauma, 

relationship issues, mid-life crisis, loss and grief, aging or a desire for spiritual depth, you are looking to see if I am the right person for you.  

My vocation and work reflect what I have learned and internalized through my own healing journey - self love/soul work, metaphor and imagery work, creative process, transforming shame and trauma and working from the inside out.

I help people find their own true selves, the courage to live with authenticity, and to find meaning and purpose in life by using a range of psychological spiritual services:  depth-oriented spiritual counseling, imagery and creative process work, intuitive listening and reflection, dreamwork, body awareness and deep interpersonal connectedness.  


I strive to create a strong, safe nonjudgemental container for all soul work.  


Margaret Greene

Located at

The Center for Spiritual Wellbeing

7100 SW Hampton St  

Suite 126 

Portland, Oregon 97223





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