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What is soul-tending?

In the center of our being there is a still point, a place of peace. When we rest here we are available and fully present to ourselves, to another and to the Divine (in whatever form you understand it).  In this messy human world, sometimes peace feels so far away and we can feel so very alone.  It is easy to forget we are eternal beings having this human experience.  Sometimes we have to search for the Sacred in the events of life as our hearts yearn for peace, for joy and a sense of meaning.

Soul tending (also known as spiritual direction) is an invitation to walk with a trusted, skilled companion toward the center of your being with all your questions, longing, despair and hope.  This intentional companioning allows the journey to unfold in a profoundly personal way and is guided by your ever deepening relationship to the Divine as you understand it..

As a spiritual director and counselor, it is important that I cultivate my own centered still point and relationship with the Divine so that I am as present as possible with you and also with the Spirit that is between us.  I create a safe and supportive space so that you can be exactly where you are and explore according to your own inner guidance.  You can ask your deepest questions, express your starkest truths and I will listen with intuitive presence helping you discern and understand the lessons and the way you are being called home to your Wild Soul, the holy truth of you at the very center of your being.

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