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What is Spiritual Direction?

Forest Path
Walking the Journey

What is spiritual direction? It is tending to the soul of a person by listening deeply with an open heart. It is often described as companioning, since it has an aspect of deep friendship. It differs from friendship in that the focus is on the one seeking and the sessions are devoted to their spiritual journey. It also differs from counseling as it comes at the questions of life from a different perspective. Often the focus is on discerning how spirit is moving in one’s life.

Participating in spiritual direction is the opportunity to tell your story. It is the chance to narrate your life journey and hear the spoken arc of plot, and of meaning as you walk alongside a trusted other. This other, your spiritual companion, receives your story and holds it as sacred. As you reflect on the meaning of events, struggle to discern your soul's longing and direction, they listen and strain to hear, along with you, the still small voice within that whispers in guidance.

Using art in the spiritual direction process is one way to tune into that still small voice. It can bypass the mind that wants to supply so many words and get to the soul language, the images that emerge onto the paper with their metaphoric and symbolic meaning. Art can open doors within us that words may not be able to access. It can move us into a spacious place within, outside worldly concern. The process of art and meditation itself requires mindful attending to the inner urges, resistances, conflicts and rules that may be the very things that hold us back from our connection to the creative spirit within. With a spiritual companion, you are able to deepen your understanding and strengthen your courage to be uniquely, creatively, authentically you.

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