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An Open Letter to My Child

"There's a land that I see

where the children are free

And I say it ain't far

to this land from where we are

Take my hand, come with me,

where the children are free

Come with me, take my hand,

and we'll live..."

Free to Be You and Me, The New Seekers

Dear One (more dear than my own heart),

When I look at you, I see beauty.

Untarnished beauty. Innocent. Clear...not obscured by enculturation. I know you do not recognize yourself this way anymore. You have no memory of a time when you lived without condition - a conditioning that through social hierarchy and judgement has bred a legacy of shame.

The very essence of your soul has been denied and in your protest you were found guilty so that you believe yourself to be at fault - fundamentally flawed. You, a pearl of such astonishing worth, believe yourself unworthy. And that, my child, is the darkness and sin of the human story. The culture we hold, does not hold us. It beats back the beauty, the love and the light we are for some empty sense of control and we become lost.

You have been entrusted to me. And I, though twisted and burdened, would do all in my strength to free you. The unique life you hold within you is precious beyond measure. You may scoff at this, and well you should, when you see how life is so carelessly discarded and disposed of daily. Yet, that is a fundamentally human error, not the true potential of this world. An error in which you no longer have to participate, not even for one second more. You can claim your worth, your beauty and your value. You can embrace the opportunity to be all that you are without constriction. You can eradicate the shame. Believe me, you can live this freedom.

Don't worry if you do not feel it yet. Just trust and believe it is possible for you. Listen to the small voice inside that knows. Shame has no true place within you. It is not meant for you and thus will be washed away and disposed of as you come to believe that you are intact and beautifully whole. You are endlessly creating this with every breath and each loving thought.

So, my dear one, as I hold you to my heart, soften your armor and receive the depth of my love. Let go, surrender into the beauty of who you are, where shame has no ground. Here you will be free.

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