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The Light of Awareness

Woman with Light
Light Within

During the darkest time of our year, many people celebrate Light through the practice of their religious traditions. Behind these rituals is the inner work of affirming the Light, even when we are in the deepest challenges and darkness. We light candles, we look to the stars, we await the enlightenment of awareness and understanding, we welcome the light of love. All to remind us of the greater Light that we are and to allow it to express more fully in our lives. We work to remove the barriers to the shining of that Light into our world.

This time of year invites us to our own awakening that we might shine more brightly the love and compassion that we are into a world sorely in need. The deep meaning of these traditions is the recognition of a universal spiritual truth: all beings are a flame of Light and together we can illuminate the world with beauty, compassion and love.

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