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The Practice of Art and Meditation

The definition of art has been taken over by our ego minds and by our cultural bias.  Art is made by artists and other creatives, shown in galleries, theatres, museums. What we create is judged inferior and destined for the small room in the back of the house, the closet and under the bed.  

Yet, art is both a process and product, intrinsic to our humanity.  It’s expression is our very birthright arising from our inner creative potential and moving out through our bodies into being.  

Meditation invites our attention to detach from linear mind.  It opens awareness to a broader way of perceiving and allows the subconscious mind to come into a diffuse focus.  The language of image, sound, feeling and movement arise in that spaciousness to inform, to show, to participate and express.  

When we practice meditation, we learn to center and release the mind, becoming more free to attend to the space within.  We allow our bodies the opportunity to attune to and perceive what arises:  a movement, a feeling, a word, a color or a shape or texture.  

We follow the impulses we receive and we move toward that which calls.  Our linear mind will ask, “What should I do?  How should I act?  What is expected?”  We notice, and do not attach.  Instead we ask, “What calls? How do I want to move?  What wants to be expressed?”

As the process continues, the mind may continue with “You are not very good at this. This is awful. Play it safe and stay small.  Don’t risk anything.” 

We notice and pause, breathe deeply to recenter and relax, releasing any attachment to our thinking.  Another deep breath and we wait for the next subtle impulse, the next feeling to guide our hand.  This is a point of trust…do not rush into anything. Do not push yourself to know…just breathe and let the openness and curiosity arise. 

Then we continue. . . 

This is the practice.  This is the process.  The outcome is not in our control.  We leave that up to the creative spirit that flows through us.  The creative spirit that is our birthright to express. 

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