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The State of Being

Photograph of Landscape by Margaret Greene
Reflecting Pool

I am a seed under the dark soil... dormant.  Silent.  Potent. Blind. I have felt the movement of the seasons in the darkness of my womb; the restlessness and the urgency of something within wanting release.  

I am a seedling pushing toward an unknown light driven by a force so deep in my cells I could not name it. Striving to break through into a new atmosphere, I reach deeply for familiar ground.

I am the tender young shoot stretching toward the warm sun, orienting myself to its movement;  hungry for its touch and the greening of my flesh.  While below, I burrow deeply into the body of the earth anchoring my existence in the life-giving soil.

I am a tree sheltering others under my wide stretching branches.  Weathering storms, I yield and hold.  Standing sentinel year after year, widening in girth ring upon ring upon ring, I send out seed and fruit in abundance.

I am a forest, a vast and diverse community enduring through change;  birth and death my borders.  Adapting and renewing myself, again and again, I create the atmosphere and the soil through which life flows and has its expression. 

I am ancient.  I am mystery.  I am timeless.  I am infinite.  

I am being.

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