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Whose in Charge?

Photograph of Flower by Margaret Greene
Taking Time

The world must be spinning faster.  I don't mean literally, but sometimes I wonder.  So much energy is spent in the attempt to manage our time, be productive and take care of the details of living.  Somehow we have become slaves to an ideal or way of life that leaves little left for soul and the precious gift of being alive.  Even if it isn't our own life's tempo, others around us swirl with activity and pressures that weigh them down.  The news and events of the day press on us relentlessly.

Who is in charge here?  At the beginning of this New Year, let's take a moment to examine priorities and pace and joy.  Let's take a bit of life's precious time and energy for the nourishment of our soul, our peace and our contentment.

It is spiritual work to make space amidst the business of life to nurture our whole selves.  Knowing what replenishes is the first step. Understanding and working with what gets in the way inevitably follows close behind. The path relies on the faith that by creating some space for soul we walk toward happiness and fulfillment. It requires a willingness to face ourselves and the soulless aspects of our lives.  It calls for intention, attention and the willingness to rebalance.  It invites us to take charge.

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